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These windows are designed with the most sophisticated customers in mind. They feature unique heat insulating and security features. Maximum energy efficiency and unique security are the main characteristics of these windows.

VEKA SOFTLINE 82 MD system enables use in large-sized structures with available height of balcony door leaf 2500 mm.

VEKA SOFTLINE 82 MD with glass U=0.5 and TGI "warm" frame enables reaching heat transmission factor for the complete window at 0.8 W/sq.m.*K, which makes them fit for passive houses.

•    High heat parameters,
•    Good equipment,
•    Antiburgla0072 protection,
•    Large structures,
•    For passive houses.

SOFTLINE 82 MD system

Softline 82 — these windows meet the most demanding energy efficiency parameters. The main feature of the system is the combination of power efficiency and high level of functionality. Window profiles feature class A multi-chamber design (the highest class of window profiles). 7 chambers in a frame profile and 6 chambers in a leaf profile enable reaching very low heat loss factor.
SOFTLINE 82 window frames and leaves equipped with correct fittings, glass and handles have very high strength against burglary.

Softline 82 system is broad range accessories, elegant and modern design which make Softline 82 a unique product in every respect.

•    VEKA, 7-chamber framer with middle seal and 6 chamber leaf, 82 mm wide, class A, heat penetration factor Uf=1.0 W/m2K,
•    unplasticised PVC sections.
•    walls thickness made to the highest standard of quality per PN-EN 12608 "class A". Minimum thickness of external walls of Class A window profiles is 2.8 mm which translates to high stability, damage strength and temperature changes and excellent acoustic insulating parameters. Class A fittings load bearing capacity is over 30% higher in comparison with class B profiles.
•    Triple seal set with a middle seal. Such a solution means great tightness, acoustic and heat insulation, and leaves fitting chamber dry.
•    The profiles are available in a complete range of colours and wood-like veneer.

•    Basic version of our cutting-edge windows have special, galvanised steel reinforcements bent multiple times placed in leaves and openings which gives them strength not seen before on the market. This is the most important element to guarantee long-term, dependable use of windows.

Window panes
•    triple glazed panes U=0.6 or U=0,5 W/m2*K per EN673. Very high heat insulation capacity close to wall insulation characteristics.
•    An extra TGI intra-pane warm frame may be used to lower the risk of water vapour condensation inside room and increases heat insulating capacity of the complete window.

•    Winkhaus Activ Pilot. We are using window fittings from the most respected German manufacturer of fittings.
•    Robust, ergonomically-shaped aluminium handles for elegant look and unique character.
•    Mushroom striker plates to increase window safety.
•    Ventilation position. This provides fresh air for the users without bringing cold,
•    4 levels of tilt or opening in case of RU leaves (enables matching the level of window depressurization to weather conditions). Fresh air supply is critical for good health and well-being.

•    Triple seal system with middle seal, available in three colours, gives excellent tightness, acoustic and heat insulation, and leaves fitting chamber dry.

•    Cill strip with seal ensures optimum joint between window and cill, and increases thermal and acoustic insulating parameters.